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In sport mode or in pleasure mode for a leisurely ride, the All Terrain Electric Scooter is by far the ideal vehicle for visiting or rediscovering the region in a different way. To escape effortlessly, our e-Trott ‘Zosh meet all expectations in terms of sensations and safety.

After a quick initiation from Quiberville, you will go to our favorite corners where the seaside, forest and hiking trails, river, fields, greenway, to discover nature and the local architectural heritage intermingle. All in a good cohesion with hikers and other green tourism enthusiasts. You will very quickly be overcome by a feeling of freedom that you will risk quickly becoming addicts.

Ride - Le chemin de la Saâne

36 €

12 km loop between Quiberville sur Mer and Longueil, along Quiberville beach then taking part of the GR 212 which runs along the Saâne valley. You can stop at Longueil admiring the Church of St Pierre, listed as a historical monument and discover the educational trail of the communal Marsh, between the river and the pond. You will then go up to the heights of Longueil to reach Quiberville via the plain and stroll through the small streets overlooking the sea in this small seaside resort.

Ride - De l’Ailly à la Saâne

45 €

20 km loop from Quiberville, partly follow the GR21 to discover the Ailly Lighthouse. Continue the route towards Varengeville-sur-Mer and find the Saint-Valéry church and its marine cemetery. Located on Cap d’Ailly, this very typical village of the Pays de Caux, bathed in a thousand lights and conducive to inspiration, attracts artists and nature lovers. It is full of heritage places and remarkable gardens. End this hike by following the Saâne until Quiberville.

Ride - De la rive à la basse vallée du Dun

54 €

30 km loop starting from Quiberville. Walk the paths of the plateau. Discover the Dun valley, from Bourg Dun to La Gaillarde via Saint Pierre le Vieux. Take part of the GR212b to admire the quality and diversity of the heritage in the direction of Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer then join the GR21 to return to Quiberville.

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